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TBX 260-EFI 260cc Scooter
Gas Powered Motor Scooter
$2750 Total Includes Shipping in the US Limited Time.

TBX 260-EFI Scooter BMS Motors brand model
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  • 14.75 HP 4 stroke Water cooled
  • Jumbo size-Unique design/Fully Automatic Transmission
  • USA DELPHI Brand Electric Fuel Injection(EFI) system
  • [3 in 1] Dampening Suspension (Air + Oil + Spring)
  • Middle side High performance smoothy,wave Suspension
  • 41mm Front Fork - 11mm thicker than previous model
  • Front, Rear Aluminum Wheels & Aluminum Foot Plate
  • Electric Fuel Pump / Air Pressure sensor
  • Larger Cargo Space under the seat
  • Kill switch / Rear handle Lifter /Windshield Included

The TBX 260-EFI scooter comes in choice of color:
Burgundy | White | Black | Silver | | Cobalt Blue | Orange

TBX-260-EFI BMS Motor Scooter Colors Available!

Featuring a Made in the USA "DELPHI" Brand
Electric Fuel Injection System!

Compared to carbureted systems, EFI provides improved starting and overall performance conditions (e.g. temperature and altitude), and better reliability.

• Helps in cold weather conditions
• Helps provide reduced fuel consumption

TBX 260-EFI 260cc Scooter Photos

TBX 260-EFI 260cc Scooter Photos and Angle Views ITBX 260-EFI scooter photos White and black model

Includes the following Upgraded Features:

"3 in 1" Dampening combination Suspension (Air +Oil +Spring)


•The suspension unit sits in the center of the bike.
• Correct position for shock connection.
• Adjustable suspension sensitiveness with adjust lever.
• High strength Billet Aluminum Swing Arm with 4" Needle Roller Bearings.


• "3 in 1" Damping cornbination
• This new suspension applies with much more comfort like wave feel.
• You can fine tune the suspension to suit the weight load and driving conditions.


Front Suspension

• Supersized/41mm higher dampening suspension.
• It coordinates with the design and gives rider's better comfort for the road.

Front Hydraulic Disc Brake with extra large size disc

Five spoke aluminum wheel for high speed cruising; • With anti-brake Pump • 245x4rnrn diameter extra large front disc brake. • Increased safety and braking • Both front & rearall hydraulic disc brake.

Powerful 257cc Automatic CVT engine

  • Front Position Radiator

  • High Strength Windshield

  • Polished Aluminum Footsteps



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