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Linhai BigHorn #28 -400cc UTV
Utility Vehicle 4x4 Side by Side

Standard model MSRP $5,799 plus shipping approximately $300 to most locations throughout the continental US.
However, For Lowest Price and Options Including IRS (Independendent Rear Suspension, and All Aluminum Wheels) Call Dave Bergman TL (478) 396-6796 And E-Mail DaveBrgmn@aol.com

To save shipping cost, the BigHorn Can be picked-up at our GA Warehouse, Please e-mail for details.

Linhai BigHorn 400cc UTV 4x4
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Special Deal Pre-owned model!
Bighorn UTV400 Linhai
Customer has a White 2015 Linhai Yamaha IRS UTV 400 BigHorn 28 With 50 miles like new condition $4750 Total Plus Shipping or Pick Up Charlotte, NC
Call Dave Bergman TL (478) 396-6796 Or E-Mail DaveBrgmn@aol.com

2015 Linhai Yamaha IRS UTV 400 BigHorn More Photos
Linhai BigHorn UTV400 Features

Above: Our Customer Dave Johnson from Homestead, FL putting his New 2015' Bighorn 28 to light duty work, trailering cable wire

Another Deer
Linhai BigHorn 400cc #28 UTV

Above, the LINHAI YAMAHA Bighorn 28 UTV 400
makes it easy to transport your trophy buck!
Our Customer Larry Thurman From IL,
still enjoying his  400cc Linhai BigHorn

Camo UTV 400 BigHorn Linhai Yamaha

Our Customer Larry Thurman From IL with his 2015' Camo UTV 400 Linhai Yamaha Bighorn 28.
Larry Said: "It Almost did not make it to the other side But it did"
"The Bighorn28 Can do it All"
Ice Fishing - Snow - Hill Climbing

Ice fishing with Camo UTV 400 Linhai Yamaha Bighorn 28 BigHorn 28 UTV400 on Snow UTV28 BigHorn 400 Hill Climbing!


Linhai BigHorn CUV 400 Features:

  • Plastic doors.
  • Powerful 4-stroke engine with liquid-cooling.
  • Push button 4WD 2-Speed CVT automatic transmission with Reverse.
  • 4WD with Dual-shock swing-arm - low maint shaft drive front and rear.
  • Full front bumper guards and overhead roll-cage for utility carriage.
  • Dual front head lights and bright rear lights.
  • Molded ABS plastic body for great aesthetics. Stamped steel bed.
  • Steel Fuel Tank.

400cc Utility Vehicles Warehouse Sale - Pickup!BigHorn 400cc UTV - Warehouse Pickup
Photos above of IRS Camo Bighorn 28 Yamaha Linhai UTV 400
picked up at our warehouse.
Sold to Mike Glover from Atlanta, GA

Two Bighorn 400cc UTV's shipping from the warehouse!
Above photo is the Warehouse,
Releasing two Camo Bighorn 28, 400 Linhai Yamaha UTV's.

One IRS with All Aluminum Wheels and
One Standard Bighorn 28, both shipping to our customer,
Mr. Fincher from NC.


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UTV Linhai Big Horn 400cc feature photos

Linhai of China has been manufacturing engines for Yamaha since 1993, making the Linhai BigHorn a qualified contender for top ratings in the 400cc UTV marketplace.

The Linhai Bighorn CUV-400 is a 400cc 4WD Side-by-Side Utility Vehicle (UTV) with a liquid-cooled, 4-stroke engine. The Linhai Bighorn CUV-400 has a 2-speed CVT automatic transmission with Hi / Lo / Neutral / Reverse as well as shaft drive at the front and rear wheels. All of these features plus the Linhai name in quality means that with regular maintenance, this UTV will go for many years without the likelihood of needing major service. If you take care of it, it should last for a very long time.

The Linhai Bighorn CUV-400 styling is pretty decent for off-brand products. The gauges and controls are large and easy to read and use. The roll cage is built stylish but tough (take a look) for heavy duty utility use but with the 2-Speed transmission and 2WD / 4WD, you can also get into sport mode and race around in the woods, mud or sand... and when it's time to 'get back to work' on the farm or ranch.

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