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SL-250ATV-S 250cc ATV

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Engine Model: Xf253fmm
Engine Type: 4 Stroke
Vertical 2 Cylinder Air Cooling Five Speeds
Bore X Stroke (Inches): 2 X 2
Compress Ratio: 9:2
Calibrated Power: 12kw/8000rpm
Max Power: 14.8kw/8500rpm
Dry Weight (Lbs): 440 Gross Weight (Lbs): 506
The Lowest Ground Clearance (Inches): 6.4
Seat Hight (Inches): 35
Handle Bar Hight (Inches): 46
Wheel Distance:
Frone (Inches): 37.7 Rear (Inches): 35.4
Wheel Base (Inches): 46
Battery Type: Gtx9-Bs
Brake Type: Front Rear Disc Brake
Transmission Type: 5gear Box Transmission
Max Speed (Mph): 56
Overall Size (Inches): L 72 X W 46 X H 46
Parking Size (Inches): L 67 X W 45.2 X H 34

Buy the SL-250ATV-S 250cc ATV now 


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