Doohan iTank Smart Trike

‘The intelligent Electric Scooter of the Future’

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The Doohan Smart iTank Trike Intelligent Electric Scooter:

Introducing the Doohan iTank Electric Smart Trike, a well-designed three-wheeled electric scooter …the three-wheeled scooter of the future is hear now! Taking the lead in personal tranportation, the iTank is ready to have you get on board.

It’s not a scooter, and it’s not a motorcycle, but the iTank is meant to take on neighborhood cruising, light trails and places where people don’t want to use their car but they don’t want to walk, either, like marinas, RV sites and golf courses. The iTank Smart Trike is able to climb a 15-degree incline without losing power, but is not strictly a rock-climber.

  • Bosch motor goes from 0-28 mph in 4.6 seconds
  • Removable lithium-ion batteries fully charge in 6 hours
  • Range of 60 to 100 miles depending on condition
  • 50:50 weight balance and low center of gravity

Doohan iTank Intelligent Electric Scooter Technical Specifications:

2 Year Warranty – Battery, Motor, Controller & Battery Charger
1 Year Warranty – Frame & Parts

Doohan iTank Smart Trike Specifications:

  • Worlds First Underneath Side-deflecting Dual Front Wheel Drive System
  • Stability of an Automobile
  • Suspension is Forged with Integrated Aviation Level Wrought Aluminum
  • 3 Disc Brakes
  • GPS tracking unit to Avoid Theft
  • (Never Lose a Rental Unit Again!)

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White, Red , Black